Letters for May 26, 2016

But, think about the customers

Re: “Boxed in” by Alastair Bland (SN&R News, May 19):

I feel for the felon but I understand how some employers would feel they might be putting their customers at risk by not asking this question. For instance, do the customers of “Sparkling Home Cleaners” have the right to know if SHC is hiring two-time burglars? I’m sure you can think up better fictitious examples, but I am going to stop now because I feel nervous about political correctness warriors.

Bobby Ingram


Kudos, Patti

Re: “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” by Patti Roberts (SN&R Stage, May 5):

This is just a quick shout out to Patti Roberts for bringing Sacramento Theatre Company’s production of The Hound of the Baskervilles to my attention. Her positive review prompted me to take in the matinee show last Saturday, and my family and I fully enjoyed the show. As so well-described by her, the acting by all players was entertaining, engrossing and the production was marvelous. I’m looking forward to seeing more shows recommended by her and your staff.

Doug Neville


You got us

Re: “Right to relief” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, April 21):

I notice that there is a sign at the front of News & Review “No Public Restrooms.” I guess SN&R doesn’t want stinky bums and crazy homeless people coming in their business either!

Ken Lauszus


Oh, the idiocies

Re: “15 is OK” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, April 7):

There is a significant correlation between unemployment and crime, yet our response as a state is to raise wages, continuing to decrease the opportunity of employment? No one with a business background really believes that raising wages will reduce unemployment. (If you do, then we should just raise it to $50 an hour and save everyone.) If you don’t see the damage this mega-trend is already inflicting on our society, let alone fear the long-term consequences, then you are not being intellectually honest. How long will we be subjected to the idiocies of a significantly unqualified Legislature?

Bill Creighton