Letters for May 12, 2016

Love to an editor

Re “A farewell” by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Essay, May 5):

I took Melinda’s Writing for Publication class at Sacramento City College. She was a phenomenal teacher and a devoted fan of Vlade Divac. Her story on meeting him for an SN&R interview was fantastic. Great woman. My love to her and her SN&R family.

Brian Micek

West Sacramento

Sorry, uh, wrong guy?

Re “Papa Hemingway in Cuba” by Daniel Barnes (SN&R Film, May 5):

Lately this Jim Lake [sic] has not had a good word to say about the “bottom-feeding sycophants” in referring to we who live for independent films. Papa Hemingway in Cuba was an eye-opening near-masterpiece of a bio on Hemingway and your reviewer trashed it and us who enjoy small movies and deeper films. Screw Jim Lake [sic]—he is in the wrong line of work and he stinks as a movie reviewer!

Tom Wardell


The homeless ‘lifestyle’

Re “Right to relief” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, April 21):

I have noticed that every article SN&R posts about the homeless is totally in their favor. We never hear the other side of the story.

For example, there is a church near my home that has recently become a magnet to the homeless. People used to walk their dogs near the church. Now no one goes near the place. The homeless camp out on the church porch. They defecate and leave trash all over.

People living close to the church are putting their homes on the market. Many of the homeless are smokers. I fear that they will set the place on fire. The law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are being punished just for being decent and responsible.

Some of the homeless are truly deserving of services, but it appears to have become a lifestyle for others. This problem is growing. It seems like they are coming in droves and are everywhere you turn.

If a person is truly mentally ill, they should be given housing and monitored for their safety as well as others.

Nancy Fleming