Letters for May 5, 2016

Desperation, on point

Re “Right to relief” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, April 21):

My boyfriend and I just read your article about the homeless situation in Sacramento. He read it to me as we sat in Howe Park wondering how long it would be appropriate to sit here and use the restrooms. The article couldn’t have been more on point about the desperate situation we face every day just trying to meet our most basic necessities. We have been living in our car since March 4. It was like a domino effect happening, and our lives suddenly crumbled to this. It took us a month just to figure out the food banks (we were accidentally given an old Street Sheet). We want so desperately not to look like we live in our car and showering has been really tricky. Michael and I look around and see so many worse off than us, even. So we stay thankful we have each other and our car.

Abbie Whittington


Hide the homeless?

Re “Right to relief” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, April 21):

I’ve wondered why nobody has considered putting the homeless tent cities either on Mather Air Force Base or McClellan. Both have empty barracks they could use and Mather has acres of empty land way off the grid. Out of sight, most definitely.

Judy Roy

North Highlands

Just guess

Re “15 is OK” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, April 7):

Sorry, Jeff, but the big picture is exactly what you fail to see. I’ll stick with the most egregious failure and note that an increase in wages, particularly entry level, shrinks the workforce in that demographic. Unless you believe the false numbers issued that indicate 5 percent unemployment, that entry-level demographic is already underemployed. Most dangerously, when they’re not in the system as employed, they’re typically in the justice system as offenders. You forgot day two of your economics class: To stimulate demand (employment), drop prices (wages). Simple lessons that too many people forgot. I’ll give you another lesson for free. I spent $26,000 advertising my small business with News & Review last year. I need to cut spending to pay for additional wages before I “raise prices,” as you state. Guess how much I’ll spend with you this year?

William Creighton



Re “Bless this mess” by Dave Kempa (SN&R Beats, April 28):

Due to a miscommunication between the writer and the Friends of East Sacramento volunteer group, the article included incorrect information. The Friends of East Sacramento rents out its facility to religious organizations of any denomination. Discounted rates are also available to any group that rents out the community center on a regular basis.