Letters for July 6, 2017

Anger at activists

Re “The challenge of being Democrats,” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, June 22):

Gee, remember when Jeff vonKaenel and his ilk were complaining about how “Big Money” was corrupting politics? Now he complains that “In the new reality, campaign dollars have less power; instead, extreme and polarizing candidates are being propelled into office by the extreme anger of voters who have lost all faith in the system.” And yes, so much of that anger is at “progressive” activists.

Bill Zaumen


Trickle-down works

Re “Health care scam,” by Ron Lowe (Letters, June 22):

What Mr. Ron Lowe fails to realize is that most of the top 1 percent in this country hire the majority of the middle class. So, therefore, whatever is good for the rich, eventually trickles down to the middle class. For example, if the rich get a tax break, that is extra money in their pockets to reinvest back into the community to hire more middle-class people. That is a win-win situation all around.

Mark Rodriguez


Raising Ryan

As we all know, if we impeach President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence becomes president. A lot of people (including me) think that he is even worse than Trump. But Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is third in line for the presidency. And Ryan is the least of three evils.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should go to Paul Ryan and say, “Tell you what we’ll do. If you impeach Trump and Pence at the same time, then you become president and we Democrats will support that.” I think Ryan would be interested. But would the Democrats be smart enough to do this? Not a chance!

Mark Perkel


The cost of oil

I am strongly concerned about our lack of participation in the Paris climate accord, as well as the recent Belt and Road Summit hosted by China. Sadly, the current administration risks our prosperity with its disregard of this global effort to safeguard the future.

China is willing to fulfill its responsibility by investing in and implementing international innovation and cooperation. Are we to be denied the benefits of participating in this vital endeavor due to the fossil fuel industry’s control of our government? Sadly, their enrichment costs American taxpayers endless wars, environmental disasters as well as the trust and goodwill of our global community.

If we stand by our core values to preserve, nurture, support, adjust and evolve—not just for ourselves, but also for our global community—our courage will be noted and appreciated.

Lea Ellen Loving

Nevada City