Letters for June 22, 2017

Tour to nowhere

Re “Houses of ill repair,” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, June 15):

As a board member for the Land Park Community Association, I contacted the Sacramento Housing and Rehabilitation Agency approximately 1 1/2 months ago seeking a one-hour informational tour of the Marina Vista/Alder Grove Land Park Public Housing.

The LPPH is inside the LPCA boundaries, but we know little or nothing about this 70.4-acre island of 751 units. This was to be an informational/educational tour. I felt LPCA could find common ground with SHRA in working to assist those in public housing.

I have now asked SHRA three times but gotten no response. I have also asked for assistance from Councilman Steve Hansen, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the city manager. Nothing yet.

I thought that SHRA was a government agency and not a private corporation accountable to no one. I wish the best for Laura Cedidla and others who have to deal with SHRA and their six-digit midgets (making over $100k) with no focus on correcting the problems versus covering them up.

Art Taylor


Cheap road to health

Re “The high road to health,” by Howard Hardee (Cover feature, June 1):

How many cases of depression and PTSD could be cured with just having a stable home, a steady income, good food and good friends? A lot, but drugs are cheaper. And all of these are way cheaper than incarceration.

Muriel Strand


Drive-through disaster

California claims to be the ecological capital of the USA. However! I watch every day as cars idle at a drive-through waiting for a burger or coffee.

On average I would guess five to 10 million cars a day spend 15 to 20 minutes each idling at a drive-through every day in California. If they would just park and walk in we could save millions of gallons of gasoline a day, millions of whatever smog, and lose billions of pounds from overweight people.

Lou Meyer

Rancho Cordova

Health care scam

Warren Buffett on health care:

If the GOP health care bill that was recently approved by Republican politicians in the House of Representatives had been in effect last year, “[my] federal income taxes would have gone down 17 percent.” Buffett noted that the bill represents “a huge tax cut for guys like me.”

The Republicans replacement for the Affordable Care Act with Trumpcare is not all about health; it is partly a scam to reduce the taxes of the rich.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City