Letters for June 29, 2017

A mote in our eye

Re “Sacramento’s 20 best sandwiches” (Feature Story, June 22):

I would like to point out a harmless and delicious (sorry) grammatical misstep sandwiched (again, sorry) in the “Best Hidden Sando” article. Unless the Thousand Island dressing used by The Boxing Donkey is unbelievably concentrated, I doubt a “mote” of it would constitute a “drench[ing].”

I sincerely don’t mean to eat anyone’s lunch over the error, but I was at the mercy of my rhetorical appetite. Yes, I’m invoking an alternate version of the “Twinkie defense.”

I appreciate every time SN&R celebrates the city I grew up in, especially in this issue where the humble, proletarian meal receives its due. And I look forward to investigating each praised eatery with which I’m not familiar. The staff were invested, did their homework and enjoyed the assignment. Thank you for a great article.

Kabir McKitrick


Fix it, don’t nix it

Re “Houses of ill repair,” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, June 15):

Your article is such an accurate disclosure of the lack of skillful, caring management on Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency properties.

If a resident wants to complain, good luck getting to the SHRA office by telephone. And, if the resident goes to the SHRA office on I Street, be prepared to be greeted by some dismissive, frequently rude “caseworker” who treats you like your are subhuman because you receive Section 8 funding.

Sacramento residents would well be served by new management at the head of SHRA.

Dolores Stoneham


Another view

Re “Houses of ill repair,” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, June 15):

I’ve lived at 480 Redwood Avenue for five years, and in that time the SHRA managerial staff have never failed to address my problems or concerns. There are advisory meetings, open SHRA Commission meetings, safety meetings, meetings with the executive director, meetings with police representatives and meetings with Life Steps where we are encouraged to address any problems.

Our complex is beautiful, with a garden maintained by tenants. The grounds are kept immaculate.

I am a senior, a great-grandmother, an Air Force veteran, UC Davis retiree and an SHRA resident commissioner. I tell everyone who will listen, “I love my apartment. If I have to leave to go anywhere, it better be good.”




Photos in our Arts&Culture story in the June 22, 2017, issue, “The SAMMIES grow wiser,” were incorrectly attributed. The photos of Dinorah, Jessica Malone, Hobo Johnson and Destroy Boys were taken by Jeannie McLoed. SN&R regrets the error.