Letters for July 27, 2017

May the Force … heal us all

Re “Anakins of Sacramento” by Flojaune G. Cofer (Essay, July 20):

When the first three movies came out we didn’t know why [Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader] was the way he was; but you have brought up episodes 1, 2 and 3—so we do know what he went though. As do in-universe characters like Yoda and Obi-Wan. So we can ask “What’s wrong with you?” He was twisted to the Dark Side, which turns out to be a good thing, as we find out later on, as do in-universe characters.

As for being taken away from their mothers—yes, this would have a huge impact on real-world children. And fighting in a war would as well, and we need to stop this from happening in the real world. But in Star Wars, Anakin was redeemed and brought back to the light by the love of his son.


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I am not a crook

Re “The divider” by John Flynn (News, July 20):

“Paul Smith, the self-described president of a group he still calls the Indivisible Citizens of California’s Fourth Congressional District, hasn’t told his 12,000-plus Facebook followers that the national Indivisible organization revoked the group’s registration weeks ago.”

I did not feel the need to perpetually remind everyone who follows the page that Indivisible had removed our group from their website. The departing team did a good job of that when they hijacked the page, and for 12 hours, pinned a post announcing the fact. Perhaps John Flynn and the editors of SN&R would be satisfied if I permanently pinned a post to the top of the page announcing the fact.

Paul Smith


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Yeah. That.

Re “The divider” by John Flynn (News, July 20):

Paul’s comment after the article is priceless. Heaven forbid he accept responsibility for his choices and actions!

Aimee Colvin

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Speak up about bigotry

Re “Third disgrace” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Beats, July 20):

How come when Muslims are attacked there is silence, but when [a] Christian is attacked it is a big deal. Either we care about religious attacks or we don’t.

Philip malan

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A senior for rent control

I am a senior citizen who can not afford to retire. I have been living in the same apartment for almost 28 years. When I moved to the Midtown area I paid $385 a month. Now I pay $850. My rent was raised $75 last year. I now spend more than half my income on rent. My rent has [once again] been increased, by $100 this time. So will I pay it—hell no! Then do I move under the freeway? What is the alternative? I used to live in Oakland where there is rent control. I think the time has come for Sacramento to look into this alternative.

Grandma Jo Mckaye


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End the barbarity

Our democratic ideals are being eroded on a daily basis because we have a president and Republican-controlled Congress who have no respect for them. President Trump attacks judges, media figures and journalists in an almost gleeful manner. For him, bullying is like a sport. And his Republican supporters behave in a similar manner. America might be a fortress of democracy, but there are tragically too many barbarians trying to tear it down.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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