Letters for January 28, 2016

Price of city policy

Re “Anonymous no more” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, January 14):

How much has been spent on enforcing you-don’t-have-the-right-to-live laws against the homeless, plus costs for task forces and visits to smarter cities instead of just calling them on the phone? How much safe ground could have been bought, instead? How much economical shelter could we have bought instead? More than we think.

Muriel Strand


Ignorant letter

Re “Dear RAHEEM” by Rusty Bongard (SN&R Letters, January 21):

This ignorant, xenophobic, racist diatribe is what is wrong with the country, not people who have names that you can’t pronounce. The freedoms we enjoy today haven’t changed. You’re just upset of the fact that the president is black, so you’ve created some delusional, Orwellian fantasy in your head that you’ve ruminated on for so long that you’ve actually come to believe it. Are you really going to make the connection between SN&R writer Raheem F. Hosseini’s name and “terrorists”? That’s still a thing?

Get over yourself and your pseudo-patriotism, Rusty. No one cares that you’re upset at the presence of brown people with “funny-sounding names.”

Hamid Anthony Shahosaini