Letters for January 21, 2016


Re “B.O.L.T. to the brain” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, January 14):

Oh, I just love how RAHEEM connects dots between B.O.L.T. and “gangs,” “Waco,” and “Constitutionalists,” which are defined by RAHEEM as veterans, libertarians, and Second Amendment advocates. All of which are being tainted by RAHEEM as terrorists. If RAHEEM is an American, RAHEEM should be a bit more respectful of the Constitutionalists who are largely responsible for what little freedom, security and acceptance he still enjoys in the United States of America. And a whole hell of a lot more respectful of the Constitution of the United States of America!

Rusty Bongard


Right to choose … helmets

Re “B.O.L.T. to the brain” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, January 14):

There is no “picking on people” by making a stop for a violation of law. Don’t break it! If the cop finds more from a “simple” stop, then good on them. … Helmet law should only be mandatory for those under the legal voting age. It’s your right to choose to wear a helmet or seatbelt if you’re an adult.


Los Angeles

Thank you, Daniel

Re “The silly savagery of man” by Daniel Barnes (SN&R Film, January 7):

Kudos to Daniel Barnes for astutely pointing out that there are excesses in Hollywood films that go beyond over-the-top acting and bloated scripts. First, it was soundtracks—all music all the time at ear-splitting volume. Then followed levels of violence and gun play, regardless of setting, that rivaled anything on Omaha Beach. Now it’s cinematography that sweeps everything before it, so richly calculated for an audience that is starved for the real thing (it’s called “nature”). Movies have always been a form of virtual reality, but this kind of movie is poverty stricken for ideas.

Jay Stebley