Letters for December 24, 2015

Thank you, Melinda

Re “The time I have left” by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Essay, December 17):

Bless you, Melinda! Thank you for all your good work. My family and I have admired you for many years. We appreciate you telling us what’s now happening in your life and how you feel as you find your way ahead of us. Your honesty and clear words are inspiring, my dear. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Karen Van Epen


Rent-increase tales

Re “Rent gone wild” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, December 17):

I live in the Greenhaven/Pocket Area, and while my rent didn’t skyrocket as much as Kristina’s, it did jump $60 for my new lease beginning December 1 of this year. That may not sound like a lot, but it makes the difference in how much I have to spend on groceries each month. Whereas before I didn’t have to work overtime to make sure the basics were taken care of, now I’m actively looking for a part-time job. … I’m already researching places to move to when my lease is up next year, and hopefully I’ll be able to stay in the same neighborhood.

Dia Toney


More mistreatment at jails

Re “Club solitary” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, December 17):

After my husband was booked on charges in June, he spent his first four days with no shower or change of jumpsuit, in holding, covered in blood. He is also HIV positive and was not engaged in treatment at the time; the officers were made aware of his condition at intake. They refused care for his HIV despite repeat requests.

Jennifer Ondechek


Infill haters

Re SN&R Scorekeeper, December 17:

Apparently, SN&R loves the “idea” of infill development. It’s just the reality of it that SN&R consistently opposes.

In the same issue where rapidly rising rents are (in a nice fact-based article) decried, Scorekeeper gives a -16 on an infill project that would add who-knows-how-many new units to an undersupplied market. (News flash: Rents don’t go up because there are too many units available!)

Also, developer Paul Petrovich is subtly criticized for bringing “two fabulous” (but budget-oriented) chains to the Curtis/Crocker Village development. The NIMBYism here is both obvious and shocking—”We don’t want ’those’ kind of stores near us!”

Mark Rakich



Re “The time I have left” by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Essay, December 17):

I was shocked to read the news of Melinda Welsh’s terminal cancer. She became a friend and an editorial adviser to this freelancer when SN&R first came to Sacramento. The world will be less without her.

William J. Hughes



In last week’s Feature Story (“Rent gone wild” by Nick Miller), our writer incorrectly reported details for a local tenant’s rent increase. The tenant in the story experienced a $185-a-month rent increase, not $325. The cumulative increase of additional rent and parking fees is 11 percent lower than the number reported, 21 percent instead of 32 percent. Our writer regrets this mistake.