Letters for December 10, 2015

Bikes without bashing

Re “Love on two wheels” by Aaron Carnes (SN&R 15 Minutes, December 3):

It is so nice to read an article advocating cycling without bashing automobiles! We live in an amazing area for cycling, but like Mr. Vincent points out, some areas are still not easy to travel in by bicycle. I feel like most people are not exclusively motorists or cyclists. Being respectful of the rules of the road whichever mode of transportation you are using makes getting where you are going more enjoyable and safer for everyone!

Hilary Williams


Your weekly crazy talk?

Re “Home terrors” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, December 3):

There are two kinds of domestic terrorists: Muslim terrorists who the president protects because he was raised as a Muslim, and the others who are “crazy or mentally ill”—and we can thank liberal judges and Democrats for the latter, because they cannot, or won’t, put them back into institutions. Easily 20 percent of those on the street are mentally ill enough to not be able to take care of themselves. Darrell Steinberg has even said he likes the homeless out on the street, because he does not want to “hide” them. Also, the left wants the shootings, hoping they can use the shootings to destroy the Second Amendment. If gun-free zones don’t make people safer, why do we have them at the White House and the Capitol? If fences don’t work on the borders, why do we have them at the White House?

Ken Lauszus

via email

And more crazy talk?

Re “Home terrors” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, December 3):

I wonder if nature is culling the herd. The earth has not had a major population decimation since World War II. The planet is suffering due to man’s presence, and in any ecosystem when a population gets out of control, natural selection steps in and takes over, whether with a virus, infection, or as with rats, they start eating their own. We keep asking, “Why do these things keep happening?” and at the same time we destroy the very planet we are a part of. Man is the only species on the planet that actually has no particular use. We are unnecessary for the existence of other species. Even a flea provides more benefit to an ecosystem than man. We are a terrified, stupid, self-aggrandizing, egotistical organism that acts as though we are why everything else is here. We don’t deserve to be here, we have not earned the right to be here, we have proven ourselves unworthy and unnecessary to be here.

Louis Warfield