Letters for November 26, 2015

A responsible path

Re “The right to lose” by Raheem Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, November 12):

Excellent job bringing the most important issue regarding women's reproductive health to the forefront. I had a similar situation back in 1987 in a state that had the parental-notification law. I was 16 at the time and living on my own while working part-time at a pizza place. I could barely feed myself, let alone feed another being. I was, at the time, a practicing Catholic. After taking two buses and a train (I couldn't afford to own a car) I made it to the courthouse. I was alone, as my “boyfriend” (in reality, a chronically jobless 23-year-old who was cheating on me with at least three other girls) wanted to have the baby!

There were five or six other girls, all there for the same reason; each one had someone to support them, which highlighted my feelings of isolation. Now, almost 30 years later, I have never once regretted my decision. I have always been able to support myself financially, I am at peace on a spiritual and religious level and I sleep well at night knowing that I chose the responsible path in life.



Thanks, Sac PD

Re “Metal heads” by Jason Smith (SN&R News, November 19):

While it is bad that this case was botched, I applaud the Sacramento Police Department for trying. I hate the fact that almost every single property crime in this city goes without investigation and punishment. The metal thefts (whether cat-converters or manhole covers) may have a low value in terms of what is stolen, but the replacement cost for the victims in lost time and money is much higher. These types of thefts will cease if the shady metal-recycling business stops creating demand for them. While Brown may have “lost everything” in the case and may be legally innocent, I think it is pretty clear he is factually guilty. So, no sympathy from me and a big thank you to Sac PD.

Bill Bixby

Gold River