Letters for October 29, 2015

Steinberg for mayor?!

Re “Still honorable” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, October 22):

Steinberg for mayor? How soon you forget. Didn't he sneak in a bill in the Legislature for the singular benefit of Kevin Johnson's tawdry, corrupt arena plan? Anything good he has done is surely negated by this vile, underhanded act.

And did he speak out against the mayor's bully lawsuit against you and the basic right to practice journalism? Did he donate to your fund? I know I was just about to send in my donation. Sure glad I didn't.

Karen Solberg


Editor's note: To the best of our knowledge, Darrell Steinberg has not commented on our lawsuit with Kevin Johnson.

A fair minimum-wage proposal

Re “Waging war” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, October 8):

The city recently convened a minimum-wage task force that met each week for nearly two months to develop a wage-increase proposal for Sacramento. The task force was evenly split to represent organized labor, community groups and business organizations to ensure the policy would be balanced and fair. The task force recommendation includes a minimum-wage increase from $9 per hour to $12.50 and provisions such as a small business phase-in period and total compensation, among others.

While labor representatives participated in the policy-development process, they are now working to undermine this proposal. Why is organized labor opposing higher wages for workers? As a business owner, if some of the other regulatory fees were decreased, such as taxes and worker’s compensation, I would be able to increases wages for my employees.

Qaiser Patel