Letters for October 22, 2015

Keep Sacto authentic

Re “Place to make you” (SN&R Editor’s Note, October 15):

Thank you for stating what's been stuck in the back of the throats of many long-time central city residents. A fresh new group of self-appointed “cultural leaders” have planted their flag on our shores, much in the same manner as Christopher Columbus. Their good intentions barely mask the disregard they hold for the tribes that have long held Sacramento 1.0 as our happy home. While the need for housing has been obvious for decades, this garish “portal” to a future of towering, market-rate condos and trendy nightclubs denies the true foundation of that elusive world-class status: authenticity.

Having lived downtown for over 20 years, I've seen the failings of the many civic-minded schemes driven by developers, the city and business groups. One can only hope that as the “new” Midtown and DoCo take shape that we don't lose our most precious assets—our much-touted cultural diversity and a sense of place that acknowledges and respects all that has come before.

Alan Dismuke

Mansion Flats

Sweet placemaking joke

Re “Place to make you” (SN&R Editor’s Note, October 15):

Isn’t “placemaking” just the same B.S. as putting a fence up in Rancho Cordova and calling it “Gold River”?

Rusty Shackleford


K.J. needs to resign

Re “Dirty for dirty” (SN&R News, October 8):

Thank you for your tireless efforts in exposing the disgusting misconduct of Mayor Kevin Johnson. As a further public service, could you please post this address, so citizens can write to the mayor and ask for his resignation?

Mayor Kevin Johnson

915 I Street, Fifth Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

You can reach your city council member at the same address, if you’d like to urge them to call for the mayor’s resignation as well. Thank you.

Nate Gilmore


The next 9/11 …

Re “Exit Afghanistan for real” (SN&R Editorial, October 8):

The Taliban shot up the city where the Doctors Without Borders hospital was located. They were just down the block from the hospital, busy shooting people in the name of Allah. While it is unfortunate the hospital got bombed, that is what happens in a war. If you think we should go home and abandon that war, then what are you going to do when they pull the next Twin Towers or worse?

Michael Fellion