Letters for February 4, 2016

City council doesn’t care?

Re “Online Buzz” by Alison Brennan (January 28):

I take serious issue with Alison Brennan when she says, “they [Sacramento city council members] haven’t done much on homeless issues since the last Safe Ground discussion several years ago.” Wrong, because Sacramento City Council members haven’t done squat on homeless issues since the snakes left Ireland. They haven’t done poop on homeless issues since Jesus looked up and said, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” They haven’t done diddly about homelessness since a bunch of Greek murderers peeked out of the eye-holes of a big old wooden horse. Are you kidding me? Way back when a nubile young Neanderthal sweetie crawled out of her cave on a bright and frosty morning and said, “Baehlueh!”—maybe on that day there was a Sacramento City Councilman who mused to himself about selling all his real estate and traveling through the land in a motor home, then thought better of it 10 seconds later. That’s how much the Sacramento City Council has done about homelessness, since forever, because THEY! DON’T! CARE!

J.O. Daunt



Re “The neighborhood force awakens” by Graham Womack (SN&R News, January 28):

Thank you for printing this article. The Midtown Neighborhood Association is excited about its reactivation, and is even more excited about the strong and vibrant sense of community that MNA and its diverse partners are working to create. Our reactivation would not be possible without the help of many individuals, including previous MNA members, friends, neighbors, businesses and city servants. The people who’ve been a part of this are too many to list, but their help has not been overlooked. They have been helping us connect with people or services that resolve problems and help lead to a stronger community. So thanks again.

Angela Tillotson

interim chairwoman, MNA

Invest more in RT

Re “Sparing paratransit?” by Graham Womack (SN&R News, January 18):

Is the RT Board unaware of the FAST ACT signed in early December? There are funds being made available. It is certainly hoped that new federal funding won’t be diverted to increase admin and board income.

Public transit, because of its benefits, must be subsidized at a higher level, as is done in other countries. Part of the board’s job is to lobby strongly for that local and federal funding, rather than cutting the ground out from under the riding public. RT should be working to get its fair share of the funds.

Sharriffiyya Rasheed