Letters for February 13, 2020

Re: “Killing a peacemaker” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, Jan. 9):

My heart sinks every time I’m reminded of what this man did to my baby brother. He wasn’t homeless; he was just hurt and broken from the past we have been dealt. Yes, he has always been one to stand up for those in need. He died a hero in my eyes, but a big part of me wishes he would have stepped down that night. Thank you for this piece. I know he would have a big smile on his face, like he always had.

Brenda Perez

Sacramento / via email

Who to blame

Re: “Closing time” by Chris Macias (Feature, Jan. 23):

Many of the recent closings are because the owners had a long, successful run and have chosen to retire. The restaurant business is brutally competitive, and whenever a restaurant closes, another one or two open. Overall, Sacramento’s restaurant scene is thriving, but Chamber of Commerce orthodoxy requires blaming Obamacare and the minimum wage for every business that doesn’t last forever.

Working people demanding living wages are portrayed as selfish destroyers of economic liberty, but the landlords killing restaurants by doubling the rent on paid-off commercial space are merely neutral players responding to the invisible hand of the free market. If the overall restaurant business was truly dire, landlords would be grateful to have current tenants paying current rents instead of going all out for whatever the market can bear.

John S. Smith

Sacramento / via email

Overpriced lunches

Re: “Closing time” by Chris Macias (Feature, Jan. 23):

The majority of people who work downtown work for the state. The prices for lunch at downtown restaurants are not geared toward the people who work downtown. Sacramento doesn’t have the big rollers like in San Francisco to support foo-foo food.

D.A. Kulczyk

Sacramento / via Facebook

Bad service

Re: “Closing time” by Chris Macias (Feature, Jan. 23):

Many local spots cannot get the basics done right. Like lukewarm food served on cold plates equals cold food. Or waiters not knowing anything. Or serving our Sac drinking water unfiltered—yuck. Or closing on Sundays or holidays. It’s not the cost of the food that’s a deterrent, it’s the service.

Brian Lambert

Sacramento / via Facebook

A missing candidate

Re: “A man apart” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, Jan. 30):

Your article on Sacramento City Council District 2 did a disservice as there are three candidates running. Where was the information on the Sean Loloee campaign? He is the only candidate that showed up to my house asking for a vote. I hope citizens in District 2 make an informed vote.

Aaron Cantu

Sacramento / via email

A rave review

Re: “American pie” by Jim Carnes (Stage, Jan. 16):

It’s nice to see this highly entertaining show get a rave review. These uber-talented musicians bring this show to life and carry us along with them. Go see this one before it’s gone. It’s a rollicking good time!

H.G. Smith

Sacramento / via email