Letters for February 11, 2016

Kick leaders to the streets?

Re “Fight to rest” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, February 4):

I think it’s time we take all the belongings of all the power brokers who’ve backed homeless-hostile ordinances, fine them more money than they have and tell them to “move on.” Nothing like an authentic homeless experience for these folks to inspire some authentic compassion.

Susan McKinney

Nevada City

Well done!

Re “Camp obvious” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, February 4):

Kudos to reporter Raheem Hosseini for hitting the high points in the city’s long-standing hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with our homeless population. City leaders continue their campaign of double-speak while real human suffering continues unabated. Thanks, SN&R for laying the numbers bare for all to see, and in doing so, giving credence to what homeless activists like Paula Lomazzi have been saying for years. Perhaps these articles will add to the groundswell of displeasure that will finally shame city leaders into substantive action. Well done, SN&R.

Amy Yannello


Making it about refugees …

Re “Camp obvious” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, February 4):

Sacramento has no place for its homeless, yet refugees get the works: money, housing, classes, etc. We need to take care of our own first.

Marina Smith


Two kids only?

Re “Homeless mom” by Kris Hooks (SN&R News, February 4):

Society needs to act responsibly toward folks such as Raven Sparks and her family. We need to be sure that all persons are fed, educated, housed and out of poverty. In turn, Sparks is certainly aware that she has reciprocal responsibilities in helping to empower her own family. In this era of increased shared responsibility toward a sustainable Mother Earth, this empowerment can begin by encouraging each of her eight children to limit their future family size to two children.

Evan Jones

via email

New shelter ideas

Re “Homeless mom” by Kris Hooks (SN&R News, February 4):

What Sacramento needs to do is look at a Stockton family shelter. I was homeless and I went there. If you can prove that you work, they hold a bed for you. They have case workers that help you save your money and they have housing contacts. The staff loves to help those that want the help. “Homeless mom” Raven Sparks said it best: “Sacramento is too busy beautifying.” Most low-income people and seniors are just a step away from becoming homeless because of rising rents, as well.

Richard Hall


Art Hotel ‘crazy good’

Re “Before the wrecking ball” by Janelle Bitker (SN&R Arts&Culture, February 4):

The Jade was considered an eyesore and end-of-the-line flophouse. I was happy to hear it’s being torn down. Now it has become a building with rooms full of ideas and possibility. Our local artists show it really is all about perception. Crazy good and gone too soon.

Kris Rogers