Letters for December 11, 2014

More best pizza

Re “SN&R ranks Sacramento’s 10 best pizzas” by Janelle Bitker and Nick Miller (SN&R Feature Story, December 4):

A hidden gem that didn't make your list is the Austrian bakery on Fifth Street in Davis: Konditorei. Albert and Gloria Kutternig are just as accomplished with pizza dough as they are with the doughs of their superb complement of Austrian sweets. Our favorite is Pizza Verdi with artichokes, asparagus, olives, mushrooms, pepperoncini, oregano, parmesan and tomato sauce. However, it is the brightest star in a strong group. Our first trip across the causeway to Masullo's was on Friday, and in addition to a superb pie, the salad with apples, persimmons and endive was a great way to start the meal.

Matt Williams


Two-way, meh

Re “More than one way” by Alastair Bland (SN&R News, November 27):

This story discusses that the city is considering converting one-way streets to two-way streets to slow traffic. Alas, the conversion of Freeport Boulevard is a real-life example of this type of conversion. It took just a few weeks before Sacramento drivers were speeding just as they were before the conversion. The city continues to rely on passive approaches to control traffic. Maybe the city should consider actively enforcing traffic laws (speeding, running red lights, cell phones) that are widely ignored. The only passive approaches that seem to work are speed bumps and traffic circles.

Gary Miller