Letters for November 6, 2014


Re “Vote or die!” by Nick Miller (SN&R Feature Story, October 30):

Dude you're a total leftist. How dare you presume to tell uninformed sheep how to vote. No new law is free. No new law saves a cent! You need to go back to where you got educated and slap your instructors for turning you into the dilapidated sucker-upper you are. You are, however, right on the strong mayor BS. I don't know how you managed to let that one slip past.



Make it easier to vote

Re “Voter intimidation in Sacramento is real—and not what you think” by Raheem F. Hosseini and Erin E. Young (SN&R News, October 30):

Very shameful that many don’t vote, but it’s a choice, right? People do not have to vote; that’s the twisted beauty of our system. Maybe it’s the candidates? …

Also, why isn’t California or Sacramento leading the way for better use of technology like other Western states? My polling station at a local elementary school is a joke of lines, outdated machines, people who don’t help (or can’t), and is just a mess. No internet voting, no voting at DMV or other state offices, and just a 1950s approach to voting. You want more people, and more young people, engaged in voting? Go where they are, use the technology they use, and make it easy to vote instead of this jacked up antiquated system we now employ.

Myron Clifton


Season of rotten garbage

Re “Doug Ose and Ami Bera’s despicable attack ads” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, October 30):

Jeff vonKaenel expressed my feelings, too! I am completely turned off by personal attack ads and vague innuendos of misdeeds or associations. I make my voting decisions based on where the candidates stand on issues. Attack ads distract voters from understanding the decisions that need to be made, and an educated electorate is key for democracy to function effectively. I found it interesting to compare the two candidate’s websites; Ami Bera’s had very little to say on issues, and on Doug Ose’s site, there was a tab to click to get a sense of where he stood on the issues, but it was vague on details. I would encourage the SN&R to publish pieces outlining where the candidates stand on issues and awarding “rotten garbage” notices to candidates that engage in personal attack ads.

Howard Homler


You’re just a hater

Re “Dear Giants fans” by Nick Miller (SN&R Scene&Heard, October 23):

I do not accept your apology. In fact, I find it rather insulting. As a lifelong Giants fan who just recently moved to the Sacramento area from Oakland, I know your type. I moved to Oakland from San Francisco in ’97, so I’ve had to deal with A’s fans just like you for years.

Don’t apologize, just own up to the fact that you’re another one of them: The shit talkers.

Now, the Giants are champions and all of you need to zip your lips and kick rocks. And when the Giants play the A’s next year, refrain from the trash talk. Oh, and go River Cats! That’s a Giants team, now.

Cheers, the drought is over thanks to the haters’ tears.

Matt King

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