Letters for October 2, 2014

Re “Trans-formative” by Brooke Purves (SN&R News, September 25):

Thank you for publishing such an informative and heartwarming story. I was Jordan's partner for 10 years before his transition. I identify as lesbian and always used to say, “You are such a man!” I didn't know at the time just how true those words were! He's a strong and courageous man for transitioning into the man he's always felt he was, even though it's a bit later in his life. I applaud your well-written article and I applaud Jordan for moving closer to the man he's wanted to be on the outside matching who he is on the inside.

Yolanda Elliott

Clarksville, Maryland

Great Gary Webb piece!

Re “Return of the messenger” by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Feature Story, September 25):

I really enjoyed this story by Melinda Welsh. Not only did she focus on the movie Kill the Messenger and the series “Dark Alliance,” but she dug deeper into the “Dark Alliance aftermath. Melinda even got a few quotes from Jerry Ceppos, the San Jose Mercury News editor at the time that the story broke, who is “barely aware of the film coming out.” Really, Jerry? And you are “proud” that you were willing to take a dive on the story through a letter to the readers? Yes, it was the course of least resistance, as was proven by the national media’s reaction. I like this quote from Gary in a 2003 interview when he was discussing the presence of “Dark Alliance” on the internet, because it simplifies the outcome of the series: “We did this on purpose, to make it very hard to knock down, to make it very difficult for people to say that this didn’t happen, but they said it didn’t happen anyway.” Thoroughly enjoyed this story, Melinda.

Susan Stokes

El Dorado Hills

It’s a power grab, seriously

Re “Getting grabby” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, September 25):

Measure L is a power grab. Sorry, Mayor Johnson, if you don’t like that phrase, but it is true and sometimes the truth just plain hurts. The Measure L campaign has raised almost $250,000 from the rich and powerful in this area. When the power elite fund a campaign that will be to their benefit, then it is a power grab. When the ballot measure bestows more power on the mayor without offering anything tangible for voters to hold the “strong mayor” accountable, it is a power grab. If Measure L passes, the developers win and the neighborhoods lose. I hope that once the voters defeat Measure L, we can get back to the work of making our city the best place for the people who do business in Sacramento and live here as well.

Michael Murphy


Grid needs all types of housing

Re “Affordable housing in the urban core” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, September 25):

We need lots more housing in the grid, at all price points, for several reasons. One, the grid can become a place where diverse people of all incomes and at all stages of life (young, old, families, singles) find opportunity for education, work, entertainment and personal growth. Two, new housing in the grid will be energy-efficient, and people living there will drive less than those outside of the grid, thus reducing carbon emissions. Rapidly increasing the housing stock inside the grid is therefore a win-win-win for the economy, ecology and the community. Think of Paris and its universal four-to-six story buildings as a model for densifying Sacramento in a way that is compatible with our tree canopy and with neighborhood-scale commercial development.

Chris Morfas



In last week’s Dish review (“The do-over” by Garrett McCord), Capital Dime’s chef was incorrectly identified. Cory Lazaldi is the restaurant’s chef.