Letters for September 25, 2014

More disclosure

Re “Political attack ads and dark money need light” (SN&R Editorial, September 18):

One thing everyone should do is to email the Securities and Exchange Commission, supporting a petition that corporations be required to publicly disclose their political and lobbying contributions. The SEC has already received a million comments in favor of the petition. You would think that would be enough. However, they claim to be too busy with other rule-making activities. Your comment could help push this rule-making to the top of the list. For instructions on how to submit comments and an example of what to write, see http://corpgov.net/2014/09/fields-track-support-sec-petition-political-spending/ about half way down the article.

James McRitchie

Elk Grove

End the abuse

Re “The national football lie” by Kel Munger (SN&R Essay, September 18):

Kudos to Kel Munger for her article on domestic violence. Everything she says is true, and here are some more facts about domestic violence:

Physical abuse is almost never a one-time incident or a fluke. It is usually preceded by verbal and emotional abuse, and escalates over time.

Most people who “just” batter their partner at first go on to batter their children.

The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when you try to leave. The abuser fears losing control of you.

If you know or even suspect that a child is being abused, call your local Child Protective Services. If you think someone is being abused right now, call your local police and ask them to do a welfare check. You needn’t give your name if you don’t want to.

Liz Purcell

via email