Letters for September 18, 2014

Piercing missive

Re “Best Place to Get a Piercing” (SN&R Best of Sacramento, September 11):

Hello Nick. I hope this email finds you well. I'm imagining you sitting back, basking in the glow of your expertise of the Sacramento culture and happenings. I can see you holding a giant bedazzled goblet that is emblazoned with “expert” on the side, sipping your favorite beverage as you tell people how amazing you are. It must feel so good to be you.

But, you'll always have to deal with one simple fact: You are the furthest thing from someone having their finger on the pulse of Sacramento. Set your goblet down, lift your Ray-Bans up, and take notice.

Let's start with what “Best Of” actually means when it comes to the article you've prided yourself on writing for the past 11 years. At first glance, it looks pretty informative. “Where on earth can I find Sacramento's best tequila ice cream?” I find myself asking this on almost an hourly basis. So many choices. Thank God I have you. “Where can I find the best guilt-free potato chip?” Such a problem in this day and age.

Obviously the places listed are at the top of their game. I'm sure you've spent countless hours going from business to business, tasting all the gluten free Saigon Snacks, and coming to a well-thought-out conclusion of who is best. After 11 years, I'm sure you're like a robot with this. It just comes naturally. In no way shape or form, would you succumb to a bribe, or worse yet, act on uninformed popularity. No way, not after 11 years. After all, you're an expert. Right?

So, how is it that there is a shop voted Best Place to get a Piercing (third place), and they don't even offer piercing? How did this slip through your expert fingers? Are you double-fisting your goblets and just not paying attention any more? Have you hired a team of Oompa Loompas and they are spending too much time figuring out where the best pot brownie in Sac comes from?

So what, in fact, does “Best Of” mean to you? Next year will Old Tavern get Best Place to get Lobster? Is Mikuni going to be voted Best Rib-eye? Let me guess, Best Pick-up Basketball Game will be given to East Lawn Memorial Park, right?

Since you've anointed yourself an “expert” (yes, you said “maybe,” but the writing on the goblet says it all), could you possibly hand the rhinestone scepter over to someone new? Maybe to someone who actually has the ability to check these places out, or has the ability to sober up the Oompas and get them working properly?

One Irritated Piercer

via email

350 a day, denied

Re “The school of homeless knocks” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, September 11):

On Thursday, September 11, St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children confirmed after a presentation to the Sacramento County Human Services Coordinating Council that they still have to turn away over 350 women and children a day. The HSCC plans to follow up with the CPACS, our boards and commissions and other organizations, who contributed so much to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’ “State of the Safety Net Workshop” community survey to continue the excellent conversation begun.

Frank L Topping


No silos, please

Re “So dreamy” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, September 11):

It’s unfortunate that Bites believes that the new superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District need not meet with our city’s mayor. Siloing our schools from the rest of the city’s leadership makes no sense.

Siam Moody