Letters for December 4, 2014

Re “Goo-goos and ethics reform” by Jan Bergeron (SN&R Letters, November 27):

The author of this letter forgets that K.J. is also doing wonderful stuff for the community, such as saving our Sacramento Kings from relocation, as well as trying to bring professional soccer to Sacramento.

Mark Rodriguez


Get it right about Oak Park

Re “Team K.J. wants do-overs” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, November 20):

Who has an interest in moving the UC Davis Medical Center back into Oak Park’s district? Maybe the 600 people who attended a City Council meeting to oppose the move? Maybe the hundreds of other people who attended other council meetings to oppose the move? Maybe the residents of Oak Park, who saw it for what it was: a political slap at the mayor and Council member Jay Schenirer.

In last week’s column, Garvin wrote about the Oak Park Neighborhood Association’s submittal of a map that did not include the Med Center. True. But, if Garvin really cared about accuracy, he would recall that I told him (several times) that we made a mistake. We made a mistake, admitted it early and often, corrected it at every opportunity to the council and to the press, and yet Garvin still pretends that it reflected our wishes.

Perhaps one day Garvin will join us in our work to make one of the country’s most diverse communities a model for the nation. Taking cheap “Bites” seems to be a much easier path, and probably pays a lot better than we volunteers get. But, we can hope.

Michael Boyd

Oak Park Neighborhood Association

“When are you gonna have a baby?” = ban it!

Re “Ban the baby talk” by Becca Costello (SN&R Essay, November 13):

Usually, I disagree with banning certain things, because as a comedian, it’s my job to bring up the uncomfortable territory and point out what society needs to work on. Today, a flood of personal anecdotes remind me this lovely and civil advice is spot on.

I waited nine years to marry my high-school stalker/sweetheart. We told everybody, “No, no, never, never.” Got our ducks in a row. Finished degrees, got cars nearly paid off, had a shack/place, jobs and the ring. We announced our engagement a day after Christmas. Grandpa, without missing a beat, shouts, “What the hell for? Are you pregnant?!” A high-school friend had sent a letter after not seeing each other for nearly a decade, asking if my husband was, um, “troubled.” A distant cousin cornered me at my parents’ anniversary. “So are you trying?” Then, she modified it to, “Are you at least not preventing?”

Fortunately, my current boyfriend’s family, and him at two decades beyond me, think couples without kids are great, too. People, children are waiting to be adopted. Be relevant in how you dote upon the next generation. You aren’t here to help me raise them. Do something nice for yourself. Get a cat. Don’t live through the activities of these great birthing hips unless I invite you into the room and offer an engraved bullhorn. Then cheer for me. Otherwise, press hard, three copies on the “restrain your enthusiasm” order. Thanks to the writer above; this opened up a much-needed therapy session. I hope you’re all cured of “baby talk.”

Jennifer K. Machado