Letters for August 3, 2017

Tax commercial property now!

Re “Unfair tax system fuels housing crisis” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, July 27):

Seems like we need another ballot initiative to remove commercial properties from Proposition 13 protections. We could also include a clause requiring a dedicated tax on bedrooms that nobody is living and sleeping in.

Would the Chambers of Commerce be whining again about high taxes in California, and their members threatening to leave the state? Fine. If they all sold out and left that would make it a buyers’ market which would leave more of the economy for those Californians who are loyal.

But, as usual, the real problem is lack of political will, not just in legislatures and city councils and boards of supervisors, but among those who already have theirs.

Muriel Strand


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Come live with me

Re “Panama finale” by Rachel Leibrock (News, July 27):

No joke, I’m not looking for a roommate, but I have a little extra space and live in the urban core. If you can contribute something to the household, and it is obvious you are working, or making something for the good of something, I”m happy to help one of these individuals. Feel free to message me.

Marcus Anzelone

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The nonindivisible one

Re “I am not a crook” (Letters, July 27):

Paul Smith is doing himself no favors by writing this letter. Threatening to turn leftists in to police, then instigating violence from the alt-right was bad enough, add to it his dishonest attempts to defend his actions and the being dishonest with the media and you’ve got someone acting like the very people he claims to be against. Trying to continue using the Indivisible name after having his chapter’s permission revoked shows his total disregard, and lack of understanding of the severity of his actions. He disrespected a Muslim-led demonstration against anti-Muslim hate, then has the audacity to play the victim when he gets called out for his BS?!

James Clark


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Star Wars & peace

Re “Anakins of Sacramento” by By Flojaune G. Cofer (Essay, July 20)

Watch the Clone Wars Series—there are episodes that show that Anakin being born a slave affected him. Anakin never even tells Ashoka. Also Luke was never a slave and lost his parent figures as a young adult, while Anakin, between Episode 1 and 2, is known for missing his mother and trying to have a father-son relationship, which Obi-wan does not want. Heck, the Jedi originally didn’t want Anakin to join because he was too old and attached to his mother. Showing how joining the Order for him was disruptive.

Preston D Itie

El Cajon

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Will Trump punish Putin for putting him in office?

After six months where the Republicans have had control of the House, Senate, and presidency, they finally passed their first major piece of legislation. They passed a bill to sanction Russia for helping get Trump elected. It will be interesting to see if Trump signs it. What a bizarre world we live in.

Marc Perkel


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