Legend of Drunken Master, The

Rated 3.0 This Jackie Chan flick centers on Wong Fei-hong (Chan), who indulges in a martial arts fighting style known as “drunken boxing”: He literally gets stronger the drunker he gets, sort of like an alcoholic Popeye. Dad, Fei-hong and a wimpy younger brother are traveling by train when Fei-hong notices some guy swiping something off the temporarily stopped locomotive. There follows the first punch-up, over, beneath and away from the train. As things unravel, the “thief” is out to stop the absconding of ancient Chinese artifacts by a combination of native thugs and Brits. The choreography in the fight scenes is exhilarating, and Anita Mui, as Fei-hong’s mah-jong gambling, scrappy stepmother, is hilarious. Directed by Lau Ka Leung.