“I don’t remember you being so furry in <i>The Matrix</i>.”

“I don’t remember you being so furry in The Matrix.”

Rated 3.0

The TV comedy team of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele make their big-screen debut as two nerds who go undercover (and over their heads) infiltrating an L.A. gang by pretending to be two out-of-town badasses—all to retrieve a beloved kitten stolen during a home invasion robbery. The movie isn’t to all tastes, and not for the prudish or easily offended; Key & Peele (abetted by director Peter Atencio and Peele’s co-writer Alex Rubens) trade in outlandish gender and racial stereotypes in a spirit of extravagant ridicule, and the violence (like the comedy) is way over the top, including the murder of Anna Faris (guest-starring as herself). But their anything-for-a-laugh method benefits from good comic instincts, and the gags come so fast that the duds are swamped by the frequent laugh-out-loud moments. J.L.