Ratchet & Clank

Rated 2.0

An adorable little catlike creature (voice by James Arnold Taylor) and his equally adorable robot sidekick (David Kaye) join the peacekeeping Galactic Rangers to thwart the evil plans of a mad villain (Paul Giamatti) who is running around destroying planets. Once you get tired of counting off the ripoffs from Star Wars, Power Rangers and so forth, questions inevitably pop into your head while watching this bubble-gum movie: When are the geniuses in Hollywood going to learn that no movie based on a video game has ever made a dime at the box office? Did Paul Giamatti lose a bet, or owe somebody a favor? How did this junk ever escape from the Cartoon Network? The original 2002 game was developed by a company called, ironically, Insomniac Games—a condition that this movie is guaranteed to remedy. J.L.