Is this really the last summer for Sacramento’s lone remaining drive-in?

Developer dishes on hopes to start construction at Rancho Cordova site

Is this really the last summer for Sacramento's lone remaining drive-in movie theater?

Rumors of the West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-in's demise aren't new. Back during the recession's prime in 2009, developers announced plans to tear down the outdoor-movie destination near Bradshaw Road and Highway 50 to make way for a sparkling new strip mall, with a Best Buy as the anchor tenant. But that vision fizzled as retail sales dipped. And today, more people shop online than at Best Buy, so double features of Scary Movie V and The Croods live on.

Earlier this month, however, SyWest Development told reporter Kelly Johnson with the Sacramento Business Journal that it may resurrect shopping-center blueprints and begin construction on the mall—called “The Landing”—next year.

This would finally mean curtains for the 41-year-old drive-in.

SN&R called Sacramento 6's owners to see if all this was, in fact, actually possible—only to find out that SyWest, who wants to tear down the towering drive-in screens, is the daughter company of San Rafael-based Syufy Enterprises, who owns the drive-in. So, there you go.