In chefs we trust

Omakase at Kru

Illustration by HAYLEY DOSHAY

Unlike most editions of this column, this time we're not highlighting a singular item but rather a concept: omakase. Omakase is a Japanese phrase that translates to something like, “it's up to you.” Essentially, the chefs do whatever they want. I've been sitting at the bar at Kru for lunch recently for $20 omakase sessions, and the crew does not disappoint. A recent meal consisted of a curiously flavored broccoli salad with roe and fried garlic, a sushi roll with lemon and maguro (tuna), hotate (scallop) nigiri with preserved wasabi and a freshly shucked oyster. By far, it's one of the biggest bangs for your buck in Sacramento. 2516 J Street,