Sweeter by the dozen

12-piece collection, Puur Chocolat

Kalamansi-Shiso … chocolate? Pastry chef Ramon Perez, whose résumé is long and Michelin-starred, challenges and delights with his creations at Puur Chocolat. Grab a 12-piece box right now at Taylor's Market ($24.99) or order one online ($27) for a diverse selection of rich, complex morsels—half of them such gorgeous, shining bulbs you almost don't want to disturb them from their pristine packaging. But disturb you must, for they'll slowly reveal subtle, bold and exciting characteristics as you savor—the surprising, pleasant chew of the lemon pâte de fruit inside eucalyptus ganache; the smokiness of the red curry balanced with sweet lycee; the tropical-transportation of coconut caramel. Buy one for a gift and one for you. 2900 Freeport Boulevard; www.puurchocolat.com.