Mi, oh my

Kurobuta pork banh mi, Star Ginger

Bahn mi sandwiches are divisive among food enthusiasts, who demand the purest, most authentic sandwiches. But what defines authentic? Pork pâté? Sriracha? Aioli? Pickled jalapenos or fresh? It goes on. Personally, I'm a fan of the bahn mi crafted at Mai Pham's Star Ginger. I've heard Pham's bahn mi called both authentic and inauthentic, but when they taste this good, who cares? The slow-roasted Kurobuta pork ($7.87) in particular is exquisite. The pork is sourced specifically from Black Berkshire pigs whose meat is finely marbled with fat. When slowly cooked and served with jalapenos, carrots, daikon, cilantro and Sririacha aioli, it makes for a fantastic meal. 3101 Folsom Boulevard, www.starginger.com.