Impossible shortage

The plant-based Impossible Burger is in such high demand that restaurants nationwide—and in Sacramento—are experiencing a shortage

Impossible Foods, the company behind the popular Impossible Burger, expanded into fast-food chains such as Burger King and even Little Caesars with its addition of meat-free sausage. Yet, its plant-based burger seemed to disappear overnight from local restaurants. “[We] took [the shortage] as an opportunity to make a house-made burger,” said Hadyn George, server at Hook& Ladder Manufacturing Company. Its patty is made with chickpeas, sunflower seeds, quinoa and spices. Kasbah is another restaurant hit by the shortage. Its version is topped with jalapeño-cilantro-tzatziki, romaine lettuce, vegan cheese, tomato, pickle and caramelized onion. It’s a top-seller, according to owner Debbie Chang, who said she’s been calling Impossible headquarters daily and has “been on the waitlist for a while.” For now, Kasbah is using the Beyond Meat patty. Impossible Foods recently released a statement that said orders are now being filled, but neither Sacramento location has received an ETA for the burger’s return. Suzie Burger, however, is one lucky eatery that serves its simple vegan cheese-and-mayo version to satisfy cravings.