A vegan’s guide to coffee and treats

A few cafes continue to rise above the rest when it comes to vegan sweet and savory snacks

Sacramento has (mostly) reached the end of the era when soy and almond milk incur extra cost at coffee shops. Other non-dairy milks such as coconut and macadamia are getting easier to find, too, but they’re on the pricey side. Finding vegan snacks to go with coffee is still a little tough, but not impossible. While most places lean heavily on vegan sweets, Broadway Coffee’s vegan turnover is savory faux cream cheese with spinach and sun dried tomato. It offers prepackaged Sugarplum Bakery treats, too. Temple Coffee Roasters locations carry fresh Sugarplum sweets, which are (obviously) tastier. Identity Coffees has Conscious Creamery gelato, plus three types of Protein Pucks—and yeah, they’re as tasty as any food called a “puck” can really be. Oblivion Comics & Coffee does both savory and sweet “Specialty Toasts,” most vegan or customizable. It also hosts occasional vegan pop-ups, so be on the lookout for vegan cannoli.