Ethiopian love

Queen Sheba on Broadway is a go-to vegan staple dishing out hearty comforts made from lentils, split peas, potatoes and more

Illustration by Kate Mitrano

If marrying food was a thing, I’d be living in wedded bliss with Ethiopian food specifically, the vegan buffet at Queen Sheba on Broadway. For those unfamiliar with Ethiopian food, the vegan entrees primarily consist of lentils, split peas, carrots, potatoes and collard greens, all elevated to a level of spicy, comfort-food deliciousness that I have yet to successfully emulate. And if you’re really into eating with forks, get over it—that’s what injera is for—soft, floppy, rolled-up bread made from teff that you use to scoop up your food (can be gluten-free by request). I also recommend the shiro wot, which is vegan but not part of the buffet. It’s basically a spicy gravy made from garbanzo flour and Queen Sheba’s own spice recipe. The vegan buffet is available Monday thru Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3pm. 1704 Broadway,