Ah, Pushkin’s it

Pushkin’s pushes its tofu scramble game to great heights with its Moroccan and sweet potato breakfast dishes

It’s not cool the way Pushkin’s makes me crave their scrambled tofu. Normally, I’m not lured by a restaurant’s tofu, but Pushkin’s scramble is especially good—abundant, seasoned well, a fluffy mystery. The Moroccan Scramble ($12) is one of my consistent go-tos and I always ask for avocado to step it up a notch. The entire vegan menu is unique, flavorful and leaves nothing to be desired. The Vegan Scramble Sweet Potato ($12) is another fave—generous portions of sweet potato and scramble, and the mixed greens are a nice contrast. Those with sweet teeth can indulge in the many and varied assortment of vegan muffins, pastries and chocolate whatevers. There’s even an option to get a basket of vegan baked goods! Everything is gluten-free, of course, because Pushkin’s. Try to get there early as they can get very busy. 1813 Capitol Avenue, pushkinsbakery.com; Open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed Mondays.