Hall of Fame

Sammies 2007

Shaun Slaughter
www.myspace.com/shaunfromlipstick , www.clublipstick.net

Best onstage memory: “Geez, so many. Tackling Jon (Droll) off stage at the Vicious ‘Get Physical’ party and then throwing the treadmill on him, playing and dancing with Justice and the Ed Banger crew in S.F., Roger and I performing our choreography to the Blow’s ‘Parentheses,’ throwing popsicles at the crowd last week at Fuck Fridays … Dude, every week is a new favorite memory.” First album ever bought: “De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. I thought ‘jimmy hats’ were actual hats. Fuck, for pretty much all of elementary school I wore my mom’s polka-dotted tees because De La wore polka dots.” First song ever spun as a DJ: Thomas Bangalter’s ‘Club Soda.’ Biggest trouble gotten into as a teenager: Stealing hood ornaments. Suggestions for next year’s Sammies theme: Panty-party Sammies, back-from-the-future-to-save-the-past Sammies, death-metal Sammies, body-building Sammies, cats-dressed-up-like-people Sammies, multicultural Sammies, BYOB Sammies and “Sammies at the Flame Club.”

Four Guys From Reno

(We joined up with a bigger band, but Four Guys is everlasting.)

Members: Andre Fylling (keyboards), Brian Rogers (drums), Sam Phelps (bass). Who plays the most instruments? Who’s most responsible? Always late? Who gets all the groupies? Rogers: “Andre wants tablas and island percussion. Sam doesn’t stutter, you know, sits up straight. No one’s a virgin.” Which other local bands do you admire or have a crush on? “Bucho was one of the first live, local shows I saw, and Derek Taylor screamed in joy when all three trumpets were playing out,” says Rogers. First album ever bought: A jazz album of music from Star Wars. First song learned to play: John Coltrane, “Giant Steps.” How hokey is this whole teenager theme? Suggestions for next year’s theme? “Hokey enough,” Rogers replies. “Next year should be ‘The Gateway to Reality.’”