Schedule of events

Sammies 2007

Sacramento News & Review celebrates the 16th annual Sacramento Area Music Awards

Wednesday, July 18, 7pm
Crest Theatre
Downtown Sacramento

Main Stage

World/Latin/Reggae Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding World/Latin/Reggae Band
Presented by Marty DeAnda
DIG Music

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Guitarist
Presented by Mark Gilmore
KRXQ 98 Rock

Aaron King Trio
Blues Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Blues Band
Presented by Mick Martin
2002 SAMMIES Hall of Fame Inductee, Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Bassist
Presented by Jackson Griffith
Sacramento News & Review

Vivian Lee
Jazz Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Jazz Band
Presented by Damany Fisher
Capital Public Radio 90.9 KXJZ

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Keyboardist
Presented by Josh Fernandez
Sacramento News & Review

Chelsea Wolfe
Folk/Acoustic Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Folk/Acoustic Musician/Band
Presented by Jeff Fekete
Capital Public Radio 90.9 KXJZ

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Drummer
Presented by Kim Kanelos
Old Ironsides

The Alkali Flats
Country/Bluegrass Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Country/Bluegrass Band
Presented by Brian Ballentine
2005 SAMMIES winner, Nevada Backwards

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Male Vocalist
Presented by Jay Spooner
Jay Spooner Photography

The Bennys
R&B/Funk Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding R&B/Funk Band
Presented by Lee Perkins
KHYL V101.1 FM

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Female Vocalist
Presented by Larisa Bryski
Skip’s Music


Righteous Movement
Rap/Hip-Hop Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Rap/Hip-Hop Group
Presented by Big Al
KSFM 102.5

Critics’ Choice Outstanding DJ/Turntablist
Presented by Kim Kanelos
Old Ironsides

Agent Ribbons
Pop Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Pop Band
Presented by Scott Hervey
Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Sproul

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Reed/Brass/Woodwind Player
Presented by Vince DiFiore

Electronica Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Electronica Musician/Ensemble
Presented by Clay Nutting

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Songwriter
Presented by David Houston
2005 SAMMIES Hall of Fame Inductee

Special Recognition Ross Hammond
Presented by Christian Kiefer
Sacramento News & Review

Cuesta Drive
Rock Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Rock Band
Presented by Jackson Griffith
Sacramento News & Review

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Local Act
Presented by Eddie Jorgensen
Sacramento News & Review

The Queensbury Rules
Punk Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Punk Band
Presented by Andy Hawk
KWOD 106.5

Critics’ Choice Outstanding Local CD
Presented by Jonathan Kiefer
Sacramento News & Review

Absent Me
Hard Rock/Metal Performance

Readers’ Choice Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal Band
Presented by Mark Gilmore
KRXQ 98 Rock

2007 Hall of Fame Inductees
Shaun Slaughter
Four Guys From Reno
Erik Kleven
Presented by Ross Hammond
2007 SAMMIES winner for Special Recognition

Second Stage

Hosted by Rubin
KWOD 106.5

Drobot, Stefan

Ai and I

Walking Spanish

Ricky Berger

Taylor Neal

Christopher Fairman

Ounce of Heaven

Running Riot

No Admission

Lineup subject to change.

Tickets: $8/advance, $10/day of show. Available from the Crest Theatre Box Office, telephone: (916) 44-CREST; email: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>; website: SN&R, telephone: (916) 498-1234; email: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>; online at

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