Special Recognition

Sammies 2007

Ross Hammond

SN&R’s Christian Kiefer wrote once that “Ross Hammond is to the local jazz scene what alternative rock was to the late 1980s and early 1990s.” Comparing the man to a whole genre is quite a statement, but in this case it just might be appropriate.

His musical relevance can be documented by a lengthy list of collaborations, which includes tabla player/percussionist Alex Jenkins, Lucio Menegon, Joe Morris, Damon Smith, Anton Barbeau, John Schott, Vinny Golia, Tony Passarell, Phillip Greenlief, Lisa Mezzacappa and Jason Levis, Lukas Ligeti, the Addict Merchants, the Inversions, Steve Gundhi, Sameer Gupta and David Boyce of the Broun Fellinis.

An eclectic taste and an uncanny ability to effortlessly bring his music out of its comfort zone and into rock clubs, Hammond is taking jazz to another level.

First album ever bought: Born in the USA. Maybe it was Slippery When Wet. One of those. I still like that shit.” First song learned to play: “’Roundabout’ by Yes. Uh, the first song I attempted to learn.” How’d you spend your Sweet 16? “I think I was in San Diego with my folks. Oh, I actually went to Disneyland. Yeah, it was great. Like apple pie.”