Sammies 2007

Keith Lowell Jensen
Keith Lowell Jensen went to four high schools in three years, managing to miss all proms—and for that matter, all dances and school functions with the exception of a few pep rallies he was forced to attend.

When a cute co-worker who Jensen was crushing on invited him to prom, he accepted, until he found out that their boss at KFC had put her up to it.

The comedian is most excited to finally have a prom experience by attending and hosting the Sweet 16 Sammies, where he secretly plans to crown himself prom king.

When not working as an indentured servant for the Sacramento News & Review, KLJ performs comedy with the sketch troupe I Can’t Believe It’s Not Comedy. He’s also the token atheist comedian on the Coexist? Comedy tour. Jensen’s feature length documentary Why Lie? I Need A Drink receives a limited release this summer, before going on to become an international blockbuster to rival Die More Harder VI.


Ben Miller
Ben Miller has been making people laugh since 1978, when he emerged from his mother’s womb wearing a pair of googly eyes (how they got there remains a mystery). Yet it wasn’t until high school that he got the chance to perform in front of an audience, but he has been doing so ever since. Miller has come a long way from Placerville community theater, having joined Sacramento’s premiere comedy troupe I Can’t Believe It’s Not Comedy in 2002. He attributes his comedic success in part to his “uncanny resemblance to a monkey.”


Born in Phoenix and having lived in Denver and L.A., Rubin came to Sacramento for a change of scenery. Tired of doing beer commcericals and scoring Shannon Doherty’s digits, the sounds of Northern California compelled him. Growing up, his ears laid witness to “every possible type of music,” with his record of favorites testament to this claim. The following is a list of music Rubin loves, and won’t take it personally if you think they suck: the Police, Rage Against the Machine, Social Distortion, Primus, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, Public Enemy, Dre, Snoop, Beck, White Stripes, and the Toadies. You can catch Rubin on air every weekday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on KWOD 106.5.