Grilling and chilling

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

During the grand opening party for Burly Beverages in May, owner and craft soda master Gabe Aiello learned from attendees that their neighborhood lacked family-friendly events. As a result, he’ll be hosting the first Burly Backyard BBQ on Saturday, September 30, from 4:30 to 11 p.m. At the free party, Aiello will be discounting floats—boozy or otherwise—while also serving barbecued sausages, vegan meals and four craft cocktails (courtesy of a one-day liquor license). There will be live music headlined by electro-indie rapper Sparks Across Darkness, as well as art installations by the neighboring Never Board Graphics Co. and Graffiti4Good, which gives kids a legal place to practice their craft. Aiello plans to host these barbecues on a quarterly basis todemonstrate his commitment to bringing more than just fancy soft drinks to the community. “We’re not going anywhere,” he said.