Comida cyclone

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Rapper Baby Bash lorded over the mid-2000s, releasing three certified bangers, “Cyclone,” “Baby, I’m Back” and “Suga Suga.” Although he tapped into the rap-crooning that’s everywhere nowadays, his career slackened as hip-hop artists started wearing tighter pants. But that minor fall-off means he’s available to headline events like Tamales, Tacos & Touchdowns put on by KSFM 102.5 in Cesar Chavez Plaza on September 10 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online or at your local Dimple Records for $5 before prices double at the gate. At the event, in addition to a “zone” centered around America’s most dangerous sport, there will be a bunch of local Mexican food vendors, including Cantina Azteca, Tina’s Tacos, Xochimilco Restaurant and Yolanda’s Tamales. Before Baby Bash takes the stage, live music will be played by Solsa, Maya’s Taqueria and Mariachi Los Gallos. The cherry on top: piñatas, which one can only hope Baby Bash will help a baby to bash.