Mindful feasting

Illustration by TK

For its 71st Annual Food and Cultural Bazaar, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento (2401 Riverside Boulevard) has ordered 5,500 pounds of rice, 7,500 pounds of chicken and 12,000 pounds of ice for making snow cones and for refrigerating fish and more than 15,000 drinks. The free event features a smorgasbord of food including poke, sushi and teriyaki chicken, plus Japanese and American desserts. Running from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on August 12 and 13, entertainment will include performances by taiko drummers and Japanese folk artists as well as cultural exhibits of bonsai trees, calligraphy, doll-making and flower arranging. Festival spokesperson Erin Komatsubara said food acts as a gateway for the estimated 30,000 visitors to learn more about Japanese culture. She added that of the 5,500 pounds of rice, 500 pounds will be given away in prizes for games including the “food wheel,” where she said “little old ladies” exhibit a masterful touch.