Going once, going twice

People will buy (or sell) just about anything these days. Last week, police went out searching for the source of a mummified body a Michigan woman listed on eBay. She claims she got it from a friend, who found it in an old school he was about to demolish … 30 years ago. According to the Associated Press, there was a $500 bid on the mummy, by someone named Satan’s Child. That’s not creepy. EBay took the item off its site before it was sold because it has to draw the line somewhere. Here are a few other odd items you can bid on now, if you dare.

Two “premium” grave sites in Anaheim: $2,800. No shipping—go figure.

An afterlife messenger service: After you lay yourself to rest in that expensive Anaheim cemetery, you can have these guys tell all your friends how you really felt about them. They cover everything from confessions to birthday cards. Price starts at $6.66.

A Crest toothpaste tube: Going for more than $1,000. Say what?!

A matzo ball with the image of Jesus: We’re a bit skeptical of this one. First off, the seller says she discovered it on the night of Yom Kippur (but every good Jew knows you don’t eat during Yom Kippur), and she refers to Jesus as her savior. Oh well. It’s amusing anyway. And she might get a few bucks for it.

A piece of toast, “WITHOUT the image of Jesus": You got it, folks. It’s just a piece of toast. When last checked, six people had bid on this fabulous find, with the price at $3. The seller boasts: “Buy a piece of history. Buy piece of mind. Buy a piece of whole wheat.”

A wedding invitation: A crazy, apparently broke young couple are auctioning off an invitation to their wedding in Lake Geneva, Wis. The going price is $10,000.

A straw: Has one bid at $9.99. Proof that people will buy anything.