Ginger Elizabeth frozen treats

Illustration By Mark Stivers

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

1801 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ste. 60

(916) 706-1738

Have you sampled the frozen desserts at Ginger Elizabeth yet? I went there on a recent Second Saturday, picked up one of each of the three treats (hey, I was with friends), a stack of napkins (they melt fast) and flopped into a sidewalk chair to nosh on ice-cream sandwiches and the frozen hot chocolate parfait . The latter is what the ballparks should have instead of those malteds; a creamy, chocolaty, frozen mousselike thing, plenty big enough to share. You can get a macaron ice-cream sandwich, chewy with a glossy, snappy top, in refreshing lemon with a creamy filling or an espresso version. (Beware, as these are saucer-sized and thus much bigger than the regular macarons.) My fave, I think, and also the messiest, was the chocolate-chip cookie ice-cream sandwich: two hefty, chewy cookies filled with fast-dripping vanilla-bean ice cream—definitely worth the heat. 1801 L Street, Suite 60; (916) 706-1738;