Picnic Hawks style

Illustration By Mark Stivers

Heading up to Folsom Lake, maybe for a long-weekend picnic? You could pack a lunch yourself, or you could just call up Hawks restaurant, which is right on the way and is offering yummy-sounding picnic baskets from fancy to down-home this summer. The baskets range from $15-$20 per person, so they’re a bit of a treat, but for that you get things like house-cured salmon, cream cheese and bagels, plus potato salad and French macaroons; an all-American picnic that includes housemade pickles and potato chips, turkey sandwiches on Acme rolls and chocolate chip cookies; or a French-style pique-nique with charcuterie like rillettes and duck liver mousse, cornichons, baguettes and so forth. (Presumably, you sneak in the wine.) Call two days ahead to order, and don’t forget your sunscreen. By the way, if you’re looking for more culinary ways to enjoy the season, Hawks is also hosting a summer grilling class on the afternoon of Saturday, July 12. 5530 Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay, (916) 791-6200.