Little French treats

Illustration By Mark Stivers

Spending Bastille Day—or any portion of the summer—in Paris is only feasible if you’re coming into an inheritance. Luckily, you can pretend (for a little while at least) at the new cafe attached to the chichi shop Le Petit Paris, which offers up flaky house-baked croissants (including pain au chocolat) and good strong coffee in the mornings, baguette sandwiches and delicate little macarons and petits fours for later in the day. I am particularly partial to the almost fudgy yet still refined chocolate macarons. You can stand at the bar with your coffee just like in France, but you can also lounge on curlicue-topped sofas and admire the ornate wallpaper. Sadly, the eavesdropping cannot match that at, say, Café de Flore, but it has the advantage of being in English—and the prices for your treats are in dollars. 1221 19th Street, (916) 446-3639,