Rated 1.0 Two petty thugs (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) baby-sit a mentally challenged kidnap victim (Justin Bartha). Lopez and Affleck fell in love on the set, which is at least a switch—usually a junky movie like this is made to cash in after the stars become a couple. The film is flat and lumpy, like a balloon waiting to be inflated, not that there isn’t plenty of hot air: Check out the dueling monologues on penises and vaginas. Lopez and Affleck’s personal chemistry remains largely off-screen, and poor Bartha, though excellent, is stuck in a tasteless, demeaning role (the “half-wit” trotted out for cheap laughs and cheaper pathos and then shoved aside when he isn’t needed). Martin Brest wrote and directed—both badly. Old pros Christopher Walken, Lainie Kazan and Al Pacino contribute bravura cameos.