Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Rated 1.0 Spy Kid Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) enters a computer game to thwart the game’s villainous designer (Sylvester Stallone). Writer and director Robert Rodriguez keeps the franchise going, but by now, it has all but run out of gas. The scenes inside the game are in 3-D but are not very well-done— murky and purple like a window smeared with grape Jell-O. The plot is shamelessly stolen from Disney’s Tron, and the story is just an excuse for the headache-inducing visual effects (and deafening sound effects). Most of the adults (Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alan Cumming, etc.) are confined to cameos in the last five minutes, leaving young Sabara and Alexa Vega (as Juni’s sister Carmen) to carry the film on their own. But they’re both growing up, and they’re not as kiddie-cute as they were in the first film.