Get dwarfy, herby, citrusy

illustration by mark stivers

Gardening for the apartment dweller isn’t the easiest or most prolific activity. You’re usually limited to the tiniest balcony or patio. There’s often too little light. Some apartments even have rules against potted plants, for whatever possible reasons.

Still, it’s not all bad. There are plenty of great potting options. Herbs can be grown with ease. Tomatoes, tomatillos and chilies can grow with only a bit of tender care. And it’s simple to place a wide trough of soil along a wall and affix a small trellis for snap peas.

But the real boon for any apartment gardener is the dwarf citrus. Easy to grow and maintain, dwarf citrus varieties are fertile and perfectly suited for Sacramento’s climate. A wide selection of citrus fruits are available, from calamondin and kaffir lime to kumquat and Meyer lemon. (I always encourage people to grow the varieties you can’t find in the stores like sugar tangerine or Buddha’s hand.)

Check out Talini’s Nursery & Garden Center (5601 Folsom Boulevard) or the plant vendors under the freeway at the Sunday Central Farmers Market. Or order one at Four Winds Growers online (