Good head

illustration by mark Stivers

“You just stick the head in your mouth and suck out all the creamy goodness,” I explained, demonstrating the proper method. It is, after all, the only adequate way to get all the delicious matter out of a shrimp’s head. My friend just shuddered before taking a knife and chopping off the feelered face of his own shrimp before proceeding to eat it.

It seems that people have an issue when it comes to the face of our food. Fish, chickens, duck and rabbit are all served without the head, and you’ll be darned to see it at most markets with them (or, in the case of fowl and mammals, their delicious feet for that matter). I guess that, for the most part, people don’t want to recognize the fact that their meat was actually alive at one point.

If you’re into good head, you can find cabeza tacos at nearly all truly authentic Mexican eateries in Sacramento. Furthermore, head cheese, a meat jelly made with the flesh from the head of a calf or pig, can be found in many delis (Taylor’s Market and Corti Brothers are excellent places) and makes for a delicious sandwich.